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Chroma Key Expertise: Removing Green Screen in VN Video Editor

Removing green screen with chroma key-For a professional video editor, dealing with green screens can sometimes be a headache. They want to replace the green screen background with a captivating scene. This task can be easily done with the help of VN video editor’s wonderful feature, thanks to its easy-to-use interface. Whether you’re editing on your PC, Mac, or iOS device, VN Video Editor provides a seamless experience for replacing green screen backgrounds. Plus, with QR code integration, sharing your edited masterpiece becomes even more convenient.

Let’s explore how simple it is to remove a green background using the Chroma Key feature of VN Video Editor & Maker. It doesn’t matter whether you’re new to video editing or have some experience; this tool works like magic, transforming a green background into a beautiful scene.

removing green screen with chroma key

What is Chroma Key

Chroma key, also recognized as green screen, is a method used in movie or video editing to replace the green screen background with another attractive image or video. Video editors can place an actor or object in a location without physically being there. It can also be referred to as “color keying,” where a specific color is removed or replaced with a more fitting one.

How to Remove Green Sreen in VN Video Editor

We’re going to provide you with a step-by-step process for removing the green screen and replacing it with an attractive background with ease. By following these steps, you can effortlessly use chroma key to replace the green screen with any other appealing scene.

  • Step # 1. You need to download and install VN Video Editor. You can download it from our website, where we provide a verified and trusted file for downloading and installing the VN Video Editor mod APK. Simply press the download button and install it.
  • Step # 2. Navigate to the “Import” button and select the file that contains the green background footage to be imported into VN Video Editor.
  • Step # 3. Once you have imported your desired video, apply the chroma key effect to it. Start by dragging and dropping the video onto the timeline. Next, navigate to the effects panel and locate the chroma key effect. Simply drag the effect onto your video clip.
  • Step # 4. Adjust and customize the settings within the chroma key tool to remove the green screen. Use the smoothness option to refine edges and adjust transparency to control opacity. Keep tweaking until you have successfully replaced the background.
  • Step # 5. Once you’ve selected the color, fine-tune the key until it appears satisfactory. To achieve the desired outcome, adjust parameters such as similarity, tolerance, and feathering.
  • Step # 6. When you’re satisfied with the content according to your preferences, proceed to export your produced video to save your changes. This should occur after previewing your video to observe the effect in action.


We have the best option in the form of VN Video Editor & Maker Mod APK to effectively remove green screen backgrounds. With chroma key, the magic can be done. For professionals and beginners alike, it is a great help in removing green screens, resulting in impressive video projects. We have also discussed the entire process of removing green screens step by step in VN Video Editor.


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