how to blur in vn video editor

How To Blur Videos with VN Video Editor: Your Simple Guide

VN Video Editor’s blurring feature is straightforward and useful because it allows you to disguise sensitive information or create artistic effects on videos. Whether you want to blur faces, signs or invent a magnificent background VN Video Editor provides you with the necessary tools. Blurring on VN Video Editor has been made possible for both inexperienced and veteran editors thanks to its user-friendly interface.Achieving professional looking fog effects in your videos easily involves following a couple of simple steps. Let’s look at how the fog feature works in VN Video Manager for enhancing your video content.

how to blur videos in vn video editor

How TO Blur Videos in VN Video Editor [Features]

The blurring function in VN Video Editor is designed to conceal sensitive information popularly known as faces or tags. This means that, with its intuitive positioning, users can instantly use obscure effects as soon as they press a few clicks. Whether used for security purposes or artistic appeal enhancement, this application ensures privacy for members who seek innovative ways to modify their images. With its elegance it provides protection and makes available a number of creative opportunities for visual appealThe  improvement; that is why many users prefer using VN Video Manager customizing tool in modern times.“

Step-BY-Step Guide How to Blur Videos in VN

  • Launch VN Video Editor followed by selecting the video file you want to work with.
  • Find the Blur tool under the editing menu which is usually in the effects or filters section..
  • Dragging and dropping the blur tool into the timeline, apply the blur effect to the areas of your video where you would like to be blurred.
  • Resize the blur to see numerous small blurs or just one major one just by dragging the sliders or adjusting the settings.
  • Pre Watch the video to determine if the blur is applied as desired and then make proper adjustments.
  • Deliver your obfuscated video to save or share with others.

How to Blur videos in VN Video Editor

  • Begin by opening the VN Video Editor then importing a video clip that you have captured yourself.
  • Play the video so that you can see the particular sections you wish to blur.
  • Utilize the selection tool for identifying the regions that you wish to blur.
  • In the editing menu, you can find the Blur feature.
  • Use the blur effect on the portion you have selected

How to Add Blur In the Beginning of the Video in VN

  • Launch VN Video Editor and import your video file.
  • Drag the video file onto the timeline.
  • Identify the beginning of the video where you want to add the blur effect.
  • Use the Split tool to divide the video clip at the desired starting point.
  • Apply the blur effect to the first segment of the video using the Blur feature.
  • Adjust the intensity and size of the blur effect to your preference.
  • Preview the video to ensure the blur is applied correctly.
  • Save or export the edited video with the blur effect at the beginning.

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to conceal sensitive information.
  • Intuitive interface for easy navigation.
  • Flexibility to adjust blur intensity


  • Limited customization options compared to advanced software.
  • Potential decrease in video quality with heavy blur effects
  • Performance issues, especially with large files or multiple blur applications


Use the blur tool in your video editor to selectively blur the desired part of your video.

Utilize the face blur feature available in the video editor to blur faces.

Access the effects menu within VN Video Editor and choose from a variety of effects to apply.


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